TrueID the single access of

infinite convergence experience

What TrueID can offer you?

  • Infinite True services
  • Infinite cloud storage
  • Infinite endutainment
  • Infinite privilege
  • Infinite payment

TrueID gives you access to services

Only one account access to infinite True services and applications

Create Your TrueID

  • Register

    Enter your primary email, your mobile number, and your Thai ID / Passport number.
  • Verify

    Verify yourself through email or one-time password (OTP)
  • Finish

    Start enjoy your benefits and collect points from TrueID



Earn points from every payment and Free TruePoint 100 points when using TrueID Application

  • To receive discounts for selected items at 7-Eleven
  • To redeem free call minutes / WiFi / SMS from TrueMove H
  • To get discounts at True Coffee
  • And many more

TrueCloud Storage

Free TrueCloud unlimited storage for True customer and Free TrueCloud storage 5 Gigabytes for non True customer.


The longer you are our member, the more special gift you get from True.

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